Some helpful apps (most free, or just .99ยข) for student word play and sight word recognition: This page of apps would be appropriate for K-1 students or 2nd and 3rd grade students working at that level. It gives a variety of practice on sight words as well as spelling.
The voice memo app is included for students to record their own reading of leveled texts. This is also a nice option for the teacher to be able to score a running record at any time.
Word 2 Word- students turn one word into another by changing one letter at a time.

Sight Words Flashcard Lite Free - Flash card practice in a fun setting. Words can be moved to familiar list when mastered.

1000 Sight Words Free-Superhero Flashcard practice- Words can be checked as mastered

Little Speller- 4 letter Words- students practice spelling 4 letter words- nice photos also help build vocabulary for ELL students.

Little Reader -4 letter Words-students practice reading and matching words to photos-again, good vocabulary building.

Super Why!- Four different reading games; letter find for word practice; letter writing, sound and spelling practice; Rhyming practice and story sentence completion.

Contractions- very simple app for creating contractions- would recommend students record on paper /use with contraction activity

Word Magic- students complete word by finding missing letter- different levels of difficulty

Clifford the Big Red Dog- spelling practice-students spell words by choosing letters

Martha Speaks-for fun and language development